Dr. Sarah Chatman

First Baptist Church
W.T. Webb Christian Leadership School, Dean

Welcome from the Dean

 I am excited to welcome each of you to the 2023 First Baptist Church W. T. Webb Christian Leadership School!!!

The Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent God has called us, given us His Word and equipped us to carry out the Great Commission, once again, through the First Baptist Church W. T. Webb Christian Leadership School. I thank God for the continued exponential growth our CLS has had over the past four years, in particular, last year, as we embarked upon our first annual Christian Leadership School. God blessed us to have over 525 enrollees, which exceeded our 2022 projection by over twenty-five percent! With your continued participation and the referrals of your family and friends, we can do an even better job reaching others and teaching the masses through Christian education. A curriculum has been prepared to enhance your spiritual growth and development and we look forward to your sharing in these meaningful experiences. The first Opening ceremony will be virtual and on site, Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 6:30 P.M. CST. Dr. Carlos Williams, pastor of the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas will deliver the message for the evening. The November 1, 2023 Opening Ceremony speaker will be Dr. J. Lawrence Turner from the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church. You are cordially invited to attend these kick-off celebrations onsite or virtually.

First Baptist Church W. T. Webb CLS will continue to support our National Baptist Convention, USA, INC., to undergird the National Theme, “Glorifying God Through Our Commitment to the Christ-Centered Evangelism: As We Develop Stronger Biblical Stewardship of Work, of Life, and of Leisure.” Haggai 2:8; Matthew 6:33; Romans 14:12.

During such a time as this, God’s Word is going forth throughout the United States and has reached a broader audience with the use of technology and emphasis on current and improved teaching methods to train students, instructors, dean, ministers, church leaders and those interested in personal development. It is our prayer that God will bless us to reach an international audience as mandated in the Great Commission to spread the gospel everywhere and to teach and nurture disciples. Please pray that God will make our Ministry effective and flourishing as unto His purpose and pleasure.

The Sunday School Publishing Board has updated its requirements for virtual instruction as you will note in the schedule change. God has showered us with the blessing and advancement of technology which will permit the achievement of the 8 hour minimum class requirements for those in COPP and other programs in Christian education.

It is with humble elation that I extend sincere gratitude to my pastor, Rev. William L. Watson, for the assignment and his support throughout the process of planning and the implementation of the CLS and our dedicated Dean of Record, Mrs. Mary L. Watkins, Mrs. Karen Reid, Administrator, Ms. Khadija Payne, technology; students throughout the United States (possibly internationally), and Spirit-filled instructors who have shared their experience and expertise this week. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

Sarah Minor Chatman, Dean 

William L. Watson

Senior Pastor, Historic First Baptist Church

Mrs. Mary Watkins

First Baptist Church W.T. Webb Christian Leadership School, Dean of Record

Welcome from the Dean of Record 

To God be the Glory!  I am honored to serve as Dean of Record for the First Baptist Church W. T. Webb Christian Leadership School.  Many thanks to your Dean, Dr. Sarah M. Chatman and Pastor, Reverend Willian L. Watson. 

My responsibilities as your D.O.R. include providing assistance to students who endeavor to complete the Certificate of Progress (COPP) Programs; as well as, submitting applications to Specialization Education Studies (SESP) Programs.  The Certificate of Progress Programs can be completed in approximately fourteen to eighteen months or less.  Students become eligible for graduation during the Sunday School Publishing Board December Conference or during the annual National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Incorporated the third week of June based on completion of curriculum requirements. 

A brochure and application forms with pertinent information of both programs will be provided upon request via email. 

God Bless You Always, 

Mrs. Mary L. Watkins, Dean of Record